Prático PU


Prático – PU disinfectant detergent ready-to-use foam for disinfection of fixed surfaces such as floors, walls, metals, sanitary ware, etc. Due to its fast action on microorganisms, it’s recommended to use in areas where has a higher risk of infection transmission. Suitable to be used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and establishments in the area of health in general.

Active ingredient:  Polihexametileno de Biguanida (PHMB) e Quaternário de Amônio 2ª geração.
✓ Biguanide Polyethylene Oxide (PHMB) AND Quaternary ammonium 2nd Generation Broad spectrum biocide with proven activity on Gram +, Gram – and H1N1 viruses.
✓ Dermal and ophthalmic non-irritant.
✓ Não tóxico.
✓ Contact time required: 10 minutes.
✓ Ready-to-use solution. Easy to apply!.


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