Prático 100


Prático 100 intermediate level disinfectant detergent suitable for cleaning and disinfecting fixed surfaces, non-critical articles and ventilatory assistance materials. Can be used on all types of washable surfaces, such as floors, walls, metals, sanitary ware, doors and tables of hospitals, clinics, ambulatories, laboratories of analysis and other establishments related to the health area.

Active ingredient:  Polyhexamethylene Biguanide (PHMB) at 350 ppm AND Ammonium Quaternary at 520 ppm in ready-to-use solution.
✓ Properties: PHMB is a broad spectrum biocide with proven activity on Gram +, Gram -, Mycobacteria, fungi, spores and H1N1 viruses. It has a fast bactericidal action in the presence of organic matter.
✓ Dilution:  10 ml / 1 L water (1: 100).
✓ Immersion time: 10 minutos.
✓ Contact time required: 10 minutes.


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