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Banco do Brasil Circuit

In order to promote the Banco do Brasil Corrida de Rua event, Banco do Brasil installed six totems in Copacabana to distribute free sunscreen to participants. According to Higor Amaral, during the 15 days that the totems are in Copacabana, at least 20 L of sunscreen will be consumed, corresponding to 50 thousand doses.

Banco do Brasil – promotes six totens distributing sunscreen free of charge will be installed on the next tuesday, 7/17, in copacabana, to promote the circuit banco do brasil de rua rua, which happens in rio de janeiro, august 5th. The partnership with orla rio has been closed by social & solutions, by advertiser higor amaral, who has been accompanying the bank from the previous phase of the circuit in manaus, recife and são paulo.

For amaral’s experience, during the 15 days the totens are in copacabana, they will be consumed, by the cariocas, at least 20 liters of sunscreen, which corresponds to 50 thousand doses. Social & soluções, born in rio in 2015, has specialized in live marketing actions and the provision of totens for free distribution of the most various products, from sun protector to perfumes, through camisinhas in the campaign of the ministry of health. The next work already closed in rio, adianta higor amaral, will be performing for phebo. In pharmacies and supermarkets in rio and são paulo, the company will sampling a new perfume line.

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